This course will familiarize each student with the techniques and skills needed to effectively and efficiently mitigate an incident involving an over-turned Cargo Tank or Portable Tank, which may or may not be resulting in a spill of hazardous materials. The safe way to lift a Cargo Tank or Portable Tank will be demonstrated by the use of two wreckers.

When up-righting a Cargo Tank or Portable Tank, one of your first considerations should be knowing who to use to lift the tank, and how it should be done safely. The ability to recognize potential failure areas in a over turned Cargo Tank and/or Portable Tank Container through the understanding of how they are constructed and equipped are vital component of your overall preparedness and on-scene effectiveness when confronted with an incident involving one of these containers. Once the potential problems are recognized, proper equipment to safely upright it without additional damage to the container or spilling / leaking cargo.

These items can be accumulated and procedures developed to quickly mitigate the situation when it occurs. Leak stopping devices and procedures used during this session, many originally designed for other unrelated problems are easy to use and quite effective, but should not be considered your only choices or thought to be without their limitations.

Each segment of the module is designed to build upon itself through the use of demonstrations and hands-on evolutions. EPA Level "B" protective clothing will be used by all students as they try to stop leaks on the specially modified cargo tanks.

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