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Emergency Response Training

Emergency Response Modules

Awareness - Level I

Operation - Level II

    16 Hours

Technician - Level III

    8 Hour Refresher
    24 Hour
    40 Hour

Specialist Level & Site Control

    24 Hour
    40 Hour

Incident Command System (ICS)

    8 Hour
    24 Hour
    40 Hour


Hot Tapping


Most of these modules are included in the training programs to the left, but custom training with A.I.D., Inc. means that your training can include any of the modules below. Please contact A.I.D., Inc. to discuss customizing your training.


Hot Tapping


Cargo-Tank Up-Righting

Hazardous Materials Training

Small Containers / Drum Patching


Cargo Tank

Tank Car

Media Relations

Inspection Programs

Computer-Based Training (CD-ROM)

Tank Car & Hopper Car

Cargo Tank

Portable Tank

DOT Training for the
Registered Inspector

Loading, Blocking, and Bracing


The following computer based training programs are available or soon to be available:

Railroad Tank Car Inspection (Available)

Railroad Hopper Car inspection (Available)

Cargo Tank Inspection (Available)

Loading, Blocking, and Bracing (Available)

Portable Tank Inspection (2Q 2003)

HazMat Services

Other Training

Confined Space Entry and Rescue

Hazardous Waste Operations

OPA 90

Workplace Safety Solutions