We offer many Hazardous Materials training services, as well as other logistical, safety, and plant-related items which can be customized to meet your training needs. These include the following:


Safety Auditing

An intensive safety audit to assure compliance with all regulations regarding the loading, unloading, and shipping of containers of hazardous materials. This program is designed to meet or exceed all the requirements of:


Capping Kits Designed and Fabricated

We design and fabricate custom capping kits.


Training Programs

ALL of our Inspection, Hazardous Material, Confined Space, and Loading, Blocking & Bracing Programs can be customized to meet your needs. Please contact Donald Brtittingham by email to customize your training or call 302-743-2935.


Custom Programs

We can design a complete safety program for you to implement at any or all of your plants to meet your needs and your budget.