Hazardous Materials Management Safety from Warehouse to the Consumer

A.I.D, Incorporated has developed training, regulatory compliance and audit programs
specifically designed for leading home product retailers. Our programs will help you safely transport, store, and handle hazardous consumer goods, such as insecticides, paint solvents, cleaning agents, explosive gasses and reactive chemicals.

We also have consumer-oriented programs, that can be used to educate your customers about the proper handling and use of your products.

Our programs will increase your reputation and bottom line through:

  • Improved customer and employee safety

  • Product damage and loss reduction

  • Increased customer loyalty

  • Recognition that you are a retailer concerned about safety and the environment not only in your stores, also in your customers' homes, and in their communities

Areas covered include:

  • Product Safety

  • Material Transport, Handling and Storage

  • Waste Disposal

  • Spill Response Training

  • OSHA and EPA Compliance

  • Customized Training Topics addressing specific needs of your individual stores and their community concerns

On-site Safety Training (OSHA/EPA/DOT/NFPA)

Your customers and employees demand a safe environment. Even small spills in the retail outlet can lead to harmful human exposure, improper disposal and regulatory violations and potential civil and criminal liabilities. Our organization can help you maintain an environmentally sensitive, customer focused and employee oriented store. We can train your employees how to correctly handle a spill, comply with all regulations, and protect the customers, while minimizing any disruption in the store’s operation.

Safety and Procedural Audits

Safety, economy and efficiency can be improved through independent reviews. We can help you identify potential problems or faulty work place practices before they cause injuries and/or chemical exposure to your customers or employees. These types of incidents, if improperly handled, can damage your company’s well-earned reputation.

Our team can help you provide a safe, cost-effective solution from the loading dock to the cash register and beyond.

Incident Investigation

There is no better way to prevent an event from reoccurring than to know exactly what happened in the first place. In addition, a thorough, independent, well-documented investigation can help you prepare for any post incident legal or regulatory agency investigation.

Consultation for Risk Analysis and Management

Effective risk management is imperative in all retail operations to reduce overall liability. We have solutions that will help improve your bottom line by reducing product loss, improving operation efficiency, and reducing insurance premiums.

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Compliance is the law!
Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the safe operation of your business can result in civil and criminal liability. Our audits will help ensure your compliance.

Unsolved or unrecognized safety issues cost more than time and money. They could result in an injury or worse. Let us bring our solutions to your concerns. We care about your concerns and can be the first step toward the solution. Call or send email to
harv@aidtrain.com for additional information on WorkPlace Safety Solutions.

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