Benefits of A.I.D., Inc's Expert Training Series
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The modules in A.I.D., Inc.'s Expert Training Series are designed to improve your transportation safety and on-time delivery statistics. By raising the expertise level of inspectors, operators, and logistics personnel, these modules help to keep your products shipping smoothly and safely.

We've gathered together a few of the many benefits which our training programs offer. Scroll down this page to view them and then take one of the demonstration versions for a test drive.


The A.I.D., Inc. EXPERT TRAINING SERIES is an affordable group of MULTIMEDIA training modules. You gain the experience of over 100 collective years of transportation and chemical expertise. These programs introduce every major component commonly found on Tank Cars, Hopper Cars, Cargo Tanks, and ISO portable containers. They also cover DOT and AAR regulations in a way that relates them to hundreds of photographs that illustrate the concepts rather than just explain them.

Everyone completing these modules will be more knowledgeable and efficient in their jobs.


Familiar and Easy to use. Our Web page and browser model puts hundreds of helpful information just a few clicks away.

Each of the CD-ROM training programs follows a similar format. All pages have the top banner which is the best way to access the major sections available in that training program.

A "How-To" guide for the training module on the main menu. A pretest will introduce you to some of the components and concepts that you will need to know in order to carry out a thorough inspection. Throughout the remainder of this training program, we will revisit these and other topics using pictures of both good and defective components.


Performing inspections properly is an important way to reduce your overall transportation costs. By minimizing unnecessary delays and accidents, you will help to assure safe and timely deliveries. The Expert Training Inspection Programs illustrates every step in inspecting your transportation equipment to ensure on-time deliveries.

Each expert training module will quickly pay for itself since it can be completed in the workplace and avoid the costly aspects of traveling to attend a training program or having trainers come onto your site to conduct the course. They will also eliminate or greatly reduce overtime costs associated with sending employees for training. These programs can be conducted when you need them, not when a vendor can conduct them.



The Expert Training Series modules are ideal for training all levels of employee, from inspectors and operators to logistics supervisors. They can also be used to meet your individual training needs-from an overview or refresher to an extensive reference tool.

A training film and still photographs complement the text to provide the best way to learn how to inspect tank and hopper cars. Regulatiosn are explained AND illustrated in a way that makes it understanable for every employee.

Each user logs into the training module and can save his/her place when exiting. In the next session, he/she is returned to where the last session ended. The ability to tailor the training sessions to your schedule adds to the flexibility that these training programs offer.


A.I.D., Inc., Expert Training Programs are CD-ROM and are also Intranet-Ready. What this means is that our expert training is only a click away whenever and wherever you need it.

These training program incorporates a significant number of images as well as some video. While they can be run on many system configurations, best performance can be obtained above the minimum configurations listed here. A version 4.0 or newer web browser is required. Additional system recommendations can be found here.