Hopper Car Inspection
(Internet Demonstration Version)

Due to the image-intensive nature of this CD-ROM/Intranet product, best results for viewing the demo will be acheived when using a broadband connection. A dial-up internet account may be used, but please be patient.

This small portion of the actual training program will contain hundreds of components around the hopper car which, for the purpose of this demonstration, have been removed. Several component groupings have been retained however, to show what the actual content of the program is like, so be sure to check out the areas of the hopper car that are included:

Also be sure to check out the multiple ways that we have provided for users to move around and learn about hopper cars:

Still pictures have been included in place of the training film.

We hope that this sample gives you an idea of the amount of expertise that is available in this training program for a very affordable price. If you would like to place an order or speak with someone regarding this or other A.I.D., Inc. training tools, please contact us by calling 609-405-7607 or by sending E-mail to harv@aidtrain.com.