Contract Safety Personnel and Professionals

Backed by the extensive experience of A.I.D., Inc., these extremely qualified professionals can fill your interim or permanent safety professional needs. Whether you require a field technician, engineer or Ph.D. We are ready to support your organization with one associate or a team of professionals.

On-site Safety Training (OSHA/EPA/DOT/NFPA)

Whether you need one trainer to provide instruction during your regularly scheduled toolbox meetings, or a team of professionals. A.I.D., Inc.’s quality and depth of "hands-on" instruction are unequaled by any other training organization.

Process, Safety and Procedural Audits

Safety, economy and efficiency can be improved through independent reviews. If there is a problem, or a better way of doing something, our team can help you provide a safe cost effective solution.

Incident Investigation

There is no better way to prevent an event from reoccurring than to know exactly what happened in the first place. In addition, a thorough, independent, well-documented investigation can help you prepare for any post incident legal or regulatory agency investigation.

Consultation for Risk Analysis and Management

Effective risk management is imperative in all manufacturing and logistics operations to reduce overall liability. We have solutions that will help improve your bottom line through a reduction in product loss, improved operation efficiency and potential reduction of insurance premiums.

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Compliance is the law! Failure to adhere to the rules and regulations that govern the safe operation of your business can result in civil and criminal liability. Our audits will help ensure your compliance.

Respirator Fit-Testing

Qualitative and Quantitative fit testing available. Comprehensive respiratory protection plans can be developed and administered for your site or your whole company. Equipment cleaning and maintenance services are also available.

Confined Space Entry, Standby and Rescue Teams

In addition to training your existing team, we can provide all related entry services. Whether your entries are routine or very special, our experienced team can help you plan entries safely and efficiently.

Hazardous Materials Team Specialty Skills Development

Let our professional trainers show you how too hot-tap a railroad tank car, shortstop a polymerization event and/or handle a cylinder event with confidence.

Unsolved or unrecognized safety issues cost more than time and money. They could result in an injury or worse. Let us bring our solutions to your concerns. We care about your concerns and can be the first step toward the solution. Call or send email to for additional information on WorkPlace Safety Solutions.

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