A.I.D., Inc. can bring exceptional training right to you at a lower cost. We hope you will take full advantage of having us, help solve your budget and scheduling concerns for hazardous material training.

Additional benefits - We can provide you with a variety of training options, each capable of running concurrently to further reduce your cost and time away from your job.

Travel expenses will be eliminated - Our format is very cost-effective and will save you not only travel days, but the high costs associated with travel (e.g. air fare, hotel, car rental and meals). These costs are normally one and a half times the cost of the training.

Hands-On training aids - All our emergency response equipment will be brought to you on-board one of our 48 ft. long van trailers, accompanied by one of our cargo tanks. Each of our units is specially equipped for accurate leak mitigation training on large containers.

Customized training is our specialty - During the last 20 years A.I.D., Inc. has worked hard to bring to its customers the highest quality Preventative and Emergency Response Training available. We strive to be our customers preferred supplier of such training.

For information on our programs, please explore this website or contact us.


Harvey Henry
President, A.I.D., Inc