Hands-On Training Aids

A.I.D., Inc. is able to offer the best hands-on training in the industry because we understand that there is no replacement for hands-on experience when it comes to responding to an incident in the field. Our training utilizes extensive, specially designed equipment that makes it possible for us to realistically simulate situations that might be encountered in the field. Our equipment is specially designed to leak on demand in a variety of situations to get our students as close as its possible to get to an emergency without an emergency.

Below are some examples of the extensive array of hands-on training aids which we use in our training courses:
Hands-On training with a variety

of tank car components


Hot Tapping using our
specially designed cargo
tank provides experience in
a controlled setting

Small Container & Drum Patching
being taught using drums with a
variety of leaks

Cargo Tank Inspection


48,000 pounds of equipment
for each of our units

Cargo Tank response training
covering a variety of pumps


Training in full gear while
practicing the correct way to
patch leaking drums

Cylinder training being taught
using air-pressurized cylinders

Striving for realism during
Cylinder training