A.I.D., Inc. was incorporated in the State of Delaware in 1982. Since holding it's first class in March 1983 we have been providing quality hazardous materials and inspection training programs through out the United States.

When providing either preventive or emergency response training our format is primarily designed to meet your needs. All our staff members have similar chemical industry backgrounds / experience and have responded on and off-site to hundreds of chemical related emergencies. Our uniqueness comes from this unusually experienced staff and their desire to provide each customer with the highest degree of quality and service possible. In addition, the array of specialized hands-on training aids and mock-ups brought to our customers door for site specific training is more numerous and versatile then our competitors have at their fixed facilities.

Our current customer list includes the proverbial who's who of the chemical industry. In the first seventeen years of our company existence we have trained thousands of our customers employee's and those efforts have always been rewarded with repeat business.

A hands-on approach to training is used extensively throughout each modularized program segment, that enables each student to learn the subject matter regardless of his / her previous experience or background. Written and performance based testing is also an important part of the process, to assure that each student understands the material and can apply it to the realistic situations that they have also been exposed to during their training.

Donald Brittingham, Ferd Comolli, George Fletcher and Harvey Henry set out with a Vision and Philosophy to have A.I.D., Inc., Avoid Impending Disaster, become a World Class Hazardous Material Training Organization with the commitment to convey the most current, factual information in a way that is understandable, and continually improving. We feel that we have met this commitment and will continue to use our vision and philosphy to provide the best training in the industry.

In 1985, Donald, George, and Harvey were awarded U.S. Patent 4,542,764 for our Universal Leak Containment Capping Kit for High Pressure Railroad Tank Cars.

With over ninety combined years of hands-on experience in hazardous material response, we have personally responded to hundreds of incidents in all modes of transporatation throughout the United States. We have also taught thousands of others how to avoid hazardous material incidents. We have found that experience is an excellent teacher, but that hazardous material incidents can result in very expensive lessons. Our philosphy is to impart everything that we've learned so that you'll be given the experience before you need it.

In closing, our greatest asset may be our ability to solve problems when identified, such as our development of the Universal Leak Containment Kit for Railroad Tank Cars (patented). This device was designed to stop leaks in thousands of high pressure tank cars whose valves are to close together to use any of the conventional leak stopping kits that exist.

Just as in 1982, our Vision and Philosophy going in to the next century are to have A.I.D.,Inc., Avoid Impending Disaster, maintain it’s standing as a World Class Hazardous Material Training Organization. The commitment to convey the most current, factual information in a way that is understandable and continually improving is a way of life for A.I.D.,Inc..

In order to avoid impending disaster, contact A.I.D., Inc. and put our energy, experience, and knowledge to work for you.

Harvey Henry
President, A.I.D., Inc.